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Street Style Trends 2022

A new season brings about the need to revamp our wardrobes and restyle our outfits, with new trends hitting the streets, it’s fun to keep up with them and stay looking your ultimate best this spring summer season. We’re here again to help you find the most fashionable styles here at Nautica Competition so that you can keep up with trends this season.

Bold Prints and Bold Colours

We have always been led to believe that we should only wear one print balanced with a neutral colour, but 2022 is throwing this notion out of the window, instead turning it on its head and pairing multiple prints together for an exuberant, refreshed style.

Our Tambja Jacket features a bold, colourful print, ideal for trendsetters this season. With a bright print, pair this jacket with a colourful tee and printed pants for an all-round fresh ‘fit

Colour Blocking

The formula of colour blocking has often been seen as ‘too much’ or ‘too bright’, now that rule is being thrown away, with people now wearing bright colour together. It’s easy to opt for the basics, but the trends are telling us to let the basics go and dress with style featuring bright colour for an eye-catching look.

Our Bramma Sweatshirt in Marine Green is the perfect accompaniment for a colour blocking outfit, pair with our Ekman Jog Pant for an elite colour blocking style when out and about.

Y2K Styling

Y2K style is all about bringing the 90s to the early 2000s style into everyday wear, something which many trendsetters are doing with their styles. Y2K is all about making a statement, and here at Nautica Competition we want to help you do that. Trucker hats, graphic tees, and tracksuits were just some of the notable pieces of Y2K fashion.

Our Porter Oversized T-Shirt takes you right back to the early 2000s with the graphic design print featuring bold sail flags, pair this with our Herra Jacket, a pair of straight blue jeans and our Teller Cap for an ultimate Y2K style.

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